Lists of Monthly News Scan from year 2009 to year 2016

IDS Monthly News Scan can be viewed here starts from Vol 13 of Year 2009 until Vol 20 of Year 2016. Please click the text listed below to view the details:


Outstation Articles

Field Trip To Kg. Nakadong, Paitan On 23rd-27th July 2011

A six-day field trip to Kg.Nakadong in the district of Paitan, Beluran, for the Beluran Agropolitan Supplementary Study took place from 23rd July 2011 to 27th July 2011.  The objectives of the field trip were to obtain the GPS coordinate of the track roads, foot trails ... read more


List of IDS Project

Completed And On-going Project

IDS has completed more than 10 project and still managing ongoing project till to date, from urban to rural project ... read more



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