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Spot a feathered friend or two while supporting the cause to promote eco-tourism and environmental conservation. An array of activities and exhibitions take place at various locations around Borneo, including the Borneo Bird Race where teams seek, identify and record as many bird species as possible at designated locations, guided bird walks, colouring competition for children and birding photography contests.

Catch the excitement as runners from around the world gather at Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site for the annual sports event. It’s a race like no other! While casual climbers may take an average of two days to scale the mountain, professional mountain runners can clock as fast as 4 hours! Join us at the flag off in Kinabalu Park and cheer for the runners at the finishing line in Kundasang Town.

The Tamu Besar is the biggest traditional open-air market held in Sabah. Organised annually in Kota Belud, the Tamu Besar is a plethora of smells,sights and sounds as vendors proudly set up their stalls to sell a variety of goods, ranging from fresh produce to traditional handicraft. The main highlights of this event include a buffalo race, the crowning of the Ratu Sarempak (Sarempak Queen) and a colourful parade of horses and Bajau horsemen, known as the Cowboys of the East. This is one tamu not to be missed.


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